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Hair loss can be attributed to nutrient deficiencies, high stress and hormonal imbalances. Most shampoos and hair supplement products address only the nutrient deficiencies and not hormonal imbalances. In Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance, obesity during menstruation, pre and post menopausal state, hormonal imbalance plays the dominant role for hair loss.

Male pattern balding is common and is purely related to an increase in androgenic hormones. Allopathic medicine has made great advances in this field and treatment is available on script. However one has to consider the possible side effects seen with prescription drugs (ie. Loss of libido and erectile dysfunction).

Organic Remedies Hair, Nail and Skin Regenerative contains a proprietary blend of essential nutrients and extracts in the safest, most bio-available form. It delicately balances the hormones necessary for good hair, skin and nails. It also addresses the hormonal problem without affecting ones libido or erectile function.

This supplement has herbal extracts that neutralize hormones that cause skin breakouts, loss of scalp hair and prevents hair growth in unwanted areas (hirsutism). The nutrients used in this formulation are delivered to the body in the most bioavailable form to ensure that there is optimal absorption.

This product can be taken to prevent hair loss and acne.

Organic Remedies Hair, Nail and Skin Regenerative is a unique twice a day formulation which may aid in good hair, strong nails and clear skin. For best results, this product must be taken for at least 3 months and can be continued thereafter as maintenance.

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