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LUXURLocks Regenerative


4.83 (6 reviews)
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Organic Remedies Hair, Nail and Skin Regenerative contains a proprietary blend of essential nutrients and extracts in the safest, most bio-available form. It delicately balances the hormones necessary for good hair, skin and nails. It also addresses the hormonal problem without affecting ones libido or erectile function.

This supplement has herbal extracts that neutralize hormones that cause skin breakouts, loss of scalp hair and prevents hair growth in unwanted areas (hirsutism). The nutrients used in this formulation are delivered to the body in the most bioavailable form to ensure that there is optimal absorption.

This product can be taken to prevent hair loss and acne.

Organic Remedies Hair, Nail and Skin Regenerative is a unique twice a day formulation which may aid in good hair, strong nails and clear skin. For best results, this product must be taken for at least 3 months and can be continued thereafter as maintenance.

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6 reviews for LUXURLocks Regenerative

  1. Amanda Keeney

    I have been using this product for the past few weeks and have seen the most amazing change in my skin, hair and nails. My breakouts have cleared up and my nails are so much stronger. My hair is definitely looking fuller and stronger. The best find and will continue buying. 5stars!!

  2. Nadine Moosa

    The best hair skin and nail product out there! I have tried countless different products and seen real results with this one

  3. Mandy de Klerk

    This saved my shedding and thinning hair. I will never stop taking this amazing product. Strong nails and clear skin is a bonus. LOVE

  4. Belinda Kruger

    Highly recommend

  5. Maryke Gouws

    The first product that showed real results. I am so glad that I found Luxurlocks and the Regenerative Hair Skin and Nail supplement. It has changed my life. Thank you for recommending this, so happy with how my hair has changes over the last 3 months. I have thick and shiny hair again.

  6. LuXURlockS

    Been recommended by my healthcare professional as this product is more than just a nutrient based therapy like so many other well know brands on the market, and was sceptic at first. Organic Remedies has all the necessary nutrients but also a hormone based approach. It has Neem extracts and betasitosterol that’s blocked Dihydrotestosterone and Androstenedione that causes hair loss. The dramatic improvement in my hairline and overall density has been great. Been using this for 6 months and started seeing changes between month 2 and 3.

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